Phi books is a small and independent publishing house based in Vilnius, Lithuania that is focused on promoting philosophy. Our primary goal is the introduction of classical philosophical texts into Lithuanian culture. We also publish philosophy books for children, organise reading seminars and public lectures, curate a philosophical blog. Since our love of wisdom is not constrained by national borders on occasions we publish original works of philosophy in English or translate them from Lithuanian.

Tomas Šinkūnas

PhD candidate, director of Phi books. He’s written an article on Aurel Kolnai’s notion of disgust, published an introduction to Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety. Does not own a facebook account but you can catch him on twitter.


Daina Habdankaitė

Philosopher, translator, editor. Daina’s main focus availability of philosophy.


Patris Židelevičius

A composer, sound designer, project manager. Patris is our Chief Communications Officer keen to learn more about philosophy. 

Phi books

In 2020 we changed our name as well as broadened our range of activities. We initiated philosophical reading seminars, started a philosophical podcast, launched a philosophical platform (sadly, only in Lithuanian).

Letter Φ has many faces. Factually it is the 21st letter of Greek alphabet. But it is also used to denoted to wave functions in quantum mechanics, in mathematics it represents the golden ratio in Lacanian philosophy something entirely different.

Our symbol is a phoenix which symbolises constant rebirth and reivention. 

Jonas ir Jokūbas

In 2015 Viktoras Bachmetjevas established a publishing company. At the begining of 2017 Tomas Šinkūnas took over as managing director and owner.

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